Our Mission

To help you harness the power of the sun, decimate your bills and help the planet towards a brighter future

Sunshine. Scotland isn't exactly known for it. But the truth is, you don't need to be the Costa Del Sol to enjoy the benefits of solar power - and it doesn't need to costa lot either! Not when Mr Solar is on hand.

As Scotland's largest one-stop solar panel stockist, we have the know-how, to help you save energy, save money and bring a warm smile to every home.

  • The largest stockist of solar solutions on any high street in Scotland.
  • Part of The Energy Saving Store – Scotland's pioneering green champions.
  • Can help you select and install the right energy-saving solar kit for your property.
  • Can advise on and provide the battery power to help you store that solar energy.
  • Got a water tank? We can install the magical Solic 200 Water Heater to save you more.

Some of Our Recent Installations

The bill forecast is bright with Mr Solar.scot: Scotland's largest solar panel stockist

We're Part of The Energy Saving Store

We offer you access to an incredible range of solar panel solutions, expertise and advice.

Mr Solar.Scot is part of The Energy Saving Store - and in very good company too! It's the same place you'll find Mr Lightbulbs, Mr Heat Pump, Mr Spray Foam and Mr Energy Saving. Together it's the dream team for helping you save energy, decimate bills and live greener.

What Our Customers Say About Us

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